Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

All things considered... I can't really show what I do at work since it takes like 5 years to build anything at Disney... not like a game or movie where you get to show your concept work relatively quickly. I just generally don't have the time or stamina to work on MORE work when I get home. Evidently unlike other jobs, mine leaves me mentally and physically decimated. So I don't. I post small sketches that take me about 20 minutes each. It's nice, but leaves me horribly out of practice. So having the nintendo DS as a pocket paint pallet has been awesome so far. I can imagine someone getting really good at painting just by always having something handy to observe nature or what have you.

It's also nice to have a gallery to auto-post to as well. Link: A lot of the art is pretty bad but there are a few gems in there. If you don't already have a DS and a Modded DS at that I highly recommend the Cyclos DS Evolution from It has a really nice operating system and you don't have to do anything besides drag and drop files into it from the provided USB drive. Plus as an added bonus... if you care- you can get the mod chip that matches the color of your DS.

What I learned yesterday is that keeping a DS painting loose is much more compelling than trying to paint tight... and issue I have always had. So the bottom of the painting and the hair I think is awesome. They eye's are kinda shaky... like I was trying to hard.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DS paintings

Okay... so I have jumped on the modded DS band wagon with great fervor! I mean really when there is a FREE program like Colors! out there WHAT artist can possibly resist the draw? I ask you... no laptop, no messy paints, no big anything? A pocket sized digital paint pallet you say?... SOLD to the lady in the unicorn shirt. Here are my first and second attempts. Not bad... not bad. No layers and no undo!

Here is a link to my Colors! site.