Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puddle Pug

So this year I participated in Reddit Secret Santa on Reddit gifts. They match you with someone randomly, locally or internationally. So on November 25th I was matched up with someone from Ontario Canada. She didn't have much information to really go on besides the fact that she likes pugs, frogs, knitting and hates meat.

So being the validation seeking person that I am, I decided to paint something. I hope that I am good enough to not make this a weird... "uh, thank you... I'll hang it somewhere nice." and later discover they only hang the painting in the bathroom when you come to visit. Awkward.

So yeah, this poor (or lucky depending on your perspective) girl gets a painting of a very concerned pug in a frog suit, on a pond. A book of knitting patterns of cute things and a fancy new Moleskine sketchbook, which I personalized.

I hope this is a good gift. I love hand made things and I would probably freak out if I got an awesome painting from someone, but then again I am an artist so I appreciate that kinda thing.

So anyway.

The loot.

The Painting
Puddle pug

A dramatic reenactment with the artist.
Dramatic pug reinactment

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Tiffany Liu said...

i love it!